Quick and Easy Breakfast Ham Sandwich

Having a busy lifestyle means not having much time in the day to make full meals. So something quick in the mornings to take on the go can be essential to help with energy till at least lunch.

I came up with the idea of a breakfast ham sandwich when I needed something quick in the morning to take with me before heading out grocery shopping. Hence, the breakfast ham sandwich!

Now I know a lot of times, folks like having like a scrambled or fried egg in their sandwiches but for those who cannot have eggs, this is pretty simple to have too and can be filling.

In the picture below, I made the onion slice just a little too big. LOL. The sandwich was still good though!

Breakfast Ham Sandwich

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ham Sandwich


  • 1 tbs of Mustard (I use regular but feel free to add like honey mustard or dijon mustard)
  • 2-3 Wellshire Farms Breakfast Ham Slices (Can use any type of ham too but this brand is good for those with food allergies though I suggest checking their website first before buying)
  • 1 Slice of Sweet onion
  • 1 Pre-cooked Biscuit or 2 slices of toast of choice
  • Oil of choice (High heat preferred)
  • Slice of cheese (Optional)


  1. Take a frying pan and add your oil of choice to it. Set it on low to medium low heat.
  2. Add your breakfast ham slices to your frying pan as it heats up. I would suggest using a splatter screen as the oil will splatter while you cook.

    Breakfast ham in oil panfrying

  3. Have the breakfast ham cook till it’s lightly brown on each side. Can take 1-2 minutes give or take depending on how hot your frying pan and oil are. I do suggest keeping a close eye on it as you can overcook the ham quickly when the heat is high.
  4. When one side is cooked lightly brown, use a pair of tongs to flip and cook the ham on the other side until lightly brown as well.
  5. Once your ham is cooked, transfer to paper towels to dry the excess oil. You might need to give it a pat down to remove all the oil from both sides of the ham.
  6. Discard the oil in the frying pan once it has cooled down enough to handle and continue letting the pan cool away from the hot burner.
  7. While your ham is cooling, slice your biscuit in half (or your toast; you can also toast your biscuit too even!). Add your mustard to both halves.

    Whole wheat biscuit with mustard and sweet onion

  8. Take a sweet onion and peel the outer skin layer. Once that is complete, take a sharp cutting knife and make a thin slice about 1/4 inch or to desired thickness. Place your onion slide on one-half of the biscuit.
  9. Add your now cooled ham slices to the other half of your biscuit before putting both sides together.
  10. Enjoy!

Notes: You can add cheese or an egg to this sandwich easily as well. I would suggest to melt the cheese either putting it in the microwave at the end for a few seconds or in your toaster oven for a few moments.