Easy Pan-Fried Breaded Chicken Breasts (Gluten Free)

Easy Pan-Fried Breaded Chicken Breasts (Gluten Free) Happy Thursday everyone! This recipe is pretty simple but tasty! I first made it and had the lightly pan-fried chicken breast slices with some cornbread waffles as was needing something different than the usual baked chicken. Of course, you can add any sides you like from waffles to... Continue Reading →

Easy Crockpot Chicken Zoodle Soup (Low Carb, Gluten Free, Vegan option)

Good morning!  Since the weather has been bouncing between hot and cold, I figured that it would be good to share an easy recipe for soup. Goodness knows that with the weather doing what it currently is, our health can go downhill pretty easily. Of course, this recipe is good for any time of the... Continue Reading →

Easy Blueberry Hemp Protein Overnight Oatmeal (Vegan)

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you all an easy (and vegan!) breakfast that is high in protein and healthy. As you may be aware, a good breakfast is ideal to help balance your day and having plenty of protein can help you stay fuller longer. Plus the benefits of blueberries being one of... Continue Reading →

Library Lover’s Day!

Happy¬†Library Lover's Day! Do you have a favorite cookbook or a favorite chef? What are your favorite dishes or cookbooks by them? I have a few favorite chefs! It's hard to choose just one as there are so many types of cuisines in the word and so many talented people! My most favorite chefs are... Continue Reading →

Easy Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Happy Oatmeal Monday! According to Wikipedia, the second Monday in February is considered Oatmeal Monday. Apparently, Scottish students from the 17th to the 19th century had a diet that consisted of eating oatmeal. You can find out more about it here on Wikipedia. As you are aware, breakfast is the most important meal of the... Continue Reading →

Basil Pesto Chicken Pizza

Happy National Pizza Day! I didn't know that yesterday was National Pizza Day. So to celebrate, why not post a recipe about pizza? Pizza is seriously amazing. It can be made in a variety of ways from Hawaiian style to deep dish New York or Chicago style. Some can have meat or be completely vegetarian.... Continue Reading →

Ten Epic Restaurants in North Carolina and Maryland

I've been to many places, traveled through 27 states, and eaten at several different restaurants. Truth be told, I love food. The different cultures each restaurant offers in the different locations can certainly be amazing! So low and behold, my top ten favorite restaurants in North Carolina and Maryland and why they are worth a... Continue Reading →

Chicken Shepard’s Pie (with Vegan Option)

Hello again! I have created another recipe that is pretty simple yet delicious! I love a basic Shepard's pie. My mother often uses ground hamburger as the base but since I love chicken a lot, figured why not try and see how well it goes? Turns out, it was awesome! I've even made a low... Continue Reading →

Easy Basil-Garlic Chicken Stirfry

Good afternoon everyone! After a busy day, I certainly love to cook something simple and easy. What is easier than a stir fry? Now you can use whatever vegetables you like (Bell peppers and onions anyone?) but in this recipe, I chose to use zucchini and broccoli. It also helps if you start cooking the... Continue Reading →

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