Apple Crisp in Wonton Shells

Have trouble with just one serving of a nice, warm apple crisp? How about try these Apple Crisps in Wonton Shells as a solution?


2-4 Red Delicious or Fuji Apples
Drizzle of Honey (Approx 2-4 Tbsp.)
1-2 Tsp. of Lemon Juice
1 cup of Granola
12 Wonton Wrappers

1) Heat oven to 400 degrees.
2) Take a 6-count muffin pan and criss-cross the wonton wrappers in each muffin holder to create a bowl out of the wonton wrappers.
3) Bake wonton wrappers for 7-10 minutes or until cooked.
4) While baking the wrappers, in a bowl, cut up the apples into bite-sized pieces. Put lemon juice on the apples so they do not brown then stir.
5) Add honey and stir.
6) Once wonton wrappers are cooked, add the honey/apple mixture to each wonton wrapper bowl. Sprinkle granola on top of each one.
7) Place pan with the wonton/honey-granola apple mixture back in the over for about 5-7 minutes or until warm.
8) Once warm, remove from oven.

Be careful removing each apple crisp as they will be extremely hot.

9) Add ice cream, frozen yogurt, or whipped cream and enjoy!